Where to next?

Where to next?

Plans for 2015

We’ve just come back from skiing in Thredbo! which was a bit dicey on the gluten free front to be honest. Cascades restaurant was the best gf option I found.

Heading to the west coast of the US again in the next year. LA again, San Francisco and the Bay area, possibly as far north as Vancouver/Whistler.

Any cafe/restaurant recommendations gratefully received.

I’m also interested in making some videos if any gluten free savvy creators or vendors are keen. Let me know!

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  1. I am a coeliac and love you website thank-you!.
    In Sydney Fu Manchu has a chinese gluten free menu, this is darlinghurst/ kings cross. I also recommend thai called Muum maam in surry hills they also have a menu.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment – I was going to let the website go & your comment has turned that around. I’m going to try Muum maam – I’m a big fan of Great Aunty Three in Surry Hills – it’s my favourite at the moment.

  2. Hi glutenfreewheeling,
    Something I would like to share with you!
    There a new pop-up food stall in Melbourne – OVERDOSA operating at 50 Rose street, Fitzroy (right next to the Rose street artists market) on the weekends selling Dosas – savory rice and lentil crepes originating all the way in Southern India.

    The place is super cool, set in an old warehouse with a table-tennis table and casual (keeping true to the street origins of the dosa) and the menu is all vegan and gluten-free, definitely worth a check out for all the fellow vegans and gluten-free lovers out there!!

    Here is the facey page http://www.facebook.com/overdosa and twitter @dosaloving

  3. Hi there, We are back from our trip to Sydney. We LOVED China Doll! Thank you so much for your recommendations. Also on your recommendation went to Brioche. We ate so well when we were back. GF eating in Sydney was pretty easy. Keep up the good work. Fiona

    Here are the other places we ate:
    Cafe Sydney
    China Doll
    DARE (The Rocks)
    Mad Mex (Darling Harbour)
    Iku (Martin Place)
    The Hatters Cafe (Katoomba)
    Brioche (Balmain)
    Vanto (QVB)
    Rowies Cakes (Marrickville)
    QVB Tea Room

    1. Wow! You are the bees knees. So glad your hot date at China Doll went well – it’s a special place.

      I love Rowies Cakes but haven’t been to the source, only picked them up in cafes – how was it???

  4. I recently flew with United Airlines Sydney -San Francisco return. My GF meals were oragised through our Travel Agent and were met.

    1. Ah! I wonder what you have to do if you’re booking independently. The flight was shared with Air NZ and one other airline both of which I think do give special meals and there were certainly some floating about… but nothing for me alas. Luckily I was tipped off about an awesome gf bakery (Mariposa) in San Francisco just before we left and stocked up. It’s so depressing when you’re dog tired, dealing with kids, on a 14 hour and 40 minute flight and you have to skip the food service, however dubious it looked! But the Mariposa goods saved the day – their pastry is phenomenal.

  5. I recently flew with United Airlines to San Francisco return. My GF needs were organised through our travel agent.

  6. Have you eaten at Chat Thai? They say they are gluten friendly but there menu is very non-specific.

    Also do you have a good GF Chinese restaurant you would recommend?

    1. Hi Fiona, I haven’t tried Chat Thai but a lot of Thai restaurants here know their stuff – Chinta Ria in Darling Harbour was recommended. A couple of thai restaurants are coeliac society approved, there’s a list here of places recommended by coeliacs too: http://www.coeliac.org.au/nsw-act/restaurants.html. Havent found a good gf Chinese, except for China Doll in Woolloomooloo, which is unbelievably good, one of my favourite places ever, but pretty fancy – only for hot dates. I’d love to find a good mid-range Chinese option, the Bamboo Dumpling Bar in Surry Hills have a couple of gf dumpling options apparently, Miss Chu are good though more rice paper rolls.

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