Macro Gluten Free Pizza Base Mix

More and more chains are offering gluten free pizza – nationwide franchise ‘Crust’ are one of the best and even Pizza Hut (with heavy disclaimers) can do a gluten free base these days. They’re always going to be less healthy than pizza you make yourself though. A packet mix is an acceptable middle-ground for a simple gluten free dinner that’s quick to make and won’t have you waking up thirsty like take-away pizzas.

Here’s what you need:

60ml vegetable oil and 100ml of water, 2 eggs + the mix.

I got the packet from our local supermarket¬†for around $3.50. The instructions say that it makes enough for two pizzas but I think that’s a stretch – if I make it as thin as I can, it’s one and a half – just enough for my family of two adults and 2 girls who don’t eat a lot. Supplement with another packet or a gluten-full version if you’re a hungrier, dietry-split mob.

It all goes in the one bowl and apparently is mixed better with correct ‘dough attachments’. Whizz for a couple of minutes, then oil your hands and roll it into a ball – no extra flour required.

Oiling the pan is an important step. I do this with my all-time favourite kitchen utensil…. the silicon pastry brush.

Especially good for coeliacs, the silicon brush goes in the dishwasher and is much less likely to hide gluten than traditional hairy versions. It’s also heat resistant so great for oiling hot fry pans to make pancakes.

I’ve had complaints before when the dough was too thick – stretch it out as thin as you can, it’s not the main feature, just a vehicle for the artistry and flavours of the toppings.

Tonight we went for a simple, child-friendly pizza with tomato paste, ham, pineapple, mozzarella cheese and a few sneaky herbs (basil and oregano) from the balcony…. I’m pretty sure they went unnoticed.

This meal got many compliments from my two trickiest customers, the eldest of which once told me in a very kind and well-meaning tone ‘Mum, if you were on Masterchef, you’d be out for this’. Yikes!



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