Melinda’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie

The night before I went gluten free, my partner and I splurged on cake in a fancy patisserie. I knew that I would miss cake the most – fabulous, life-enhancing cake. I was stoic about my new gluten free diet, but sad that cake might not feature so luminously. The waiter was almost in tears when he heard that it was my last night as a non-discriminate cake eater.

Our local cafe sold gluten free brownies but they were a bit dry and rubbish, so I was excited when I found this packet mix – and when I realised how fudgily rich and moist they were, I knew I was going to be ok with this gluten free malark. I have one rule. I will only make them if I’ve got company – otherwise I would single-handedly down an entire tray in a morning.

Make these brownies by gathering two eggs, your gluten free butter (I recently upgraded to my own gluten free butter dish, what do you think?), and Melinda’s distinctively pink Chocolate Fudge Brownie packet mix which you can pick up at Woolworths or Coles.

We crack the eggs into the same big bowl where all the mixture will end up because we’re a bit lazy and don’t want to wash too many things.

Stirring the eggs is a great job for little people.

The only part that requires any skill is melting the butter and chocolate. We don’t have a microwave so it’s the old pyrex bowl in a saucepan of water trick.

Mix everything together in the big bowl and bung it in the oven. I use a silicon tray as it’s perfect size for these little treasures. Spatulas and bowls are licked clean while the brownies are cooking – just 20 minutes will have them at their fudgiest.

We started making these at 8am and they were in my daughter’s lunch box when I dropped her to school at nine – a special gluten free treat appreciated by all.






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