The Cupcake Bakery – Sydney & Melbourne

Picture this – you’re in the city… you’ve been bedazzled by meetings, maybe you’re hitting the sales…. maybe not. And then it strikes. You’re hungry! Snacktime. What is a poor coeliac to do in the whirlwind of crowds and cafes? Here’s your fix – it’s the Cupcake Bakery. There’s a few around the CBD in Sydney and Melbourne (and some in the suburbs!), and they always have one (yes, just the one) type of gluten free cupcake for the likes of us.

Sometimes it’s my favourite, Red Velvet (above), with cream cheese buttercream and a red sugar heart. Today it was the Chocolate Vanilla (below). Either way, it’ll crank up the blood sugar and get you through another few hours.

Go ahead… they’re gluten free!

NB – I wasn’t hungry when I bought this cupcake today. I got it to photograph. Of course I don’t like to waste food so I did eat it. I’m sure you’ll appreciate the extreme measures I’ve gone to for the greater good!

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