Gluten free at the Sydney QVB

While we’re on the central Sydney theme, if you’re shopping in the city you can dodge packed food halls and head to the QVB.

It’s a sumptuous place to shop and there are a couple of relaxed options for gf explorers in this spectacular building.

Completed in 1898, the QVB kept out-of-work craftspeople afloat during an economic downturn. Shops veer towards quality chains and boutiques, with Town Hall train station and a busy mall underneath.

Shopping-fatigued coeliacs can choose from the lunch menu at Cellinis Bar/Restaurant.
Hooray for gf menus!



At the other end, the Old Vienna Coffee House has a gluten free cake menu (the photo at the top is from one of their pavlovas). The Hazelnut Meringue (below) is my favourite, the chocolate was a bit dry (there were four of us, I wasn’t eating them all myself!).

We didn’t try the Orange and almond,
but the waiter did kindly hold it up for
me to photograph – very obliging…

And then of course there’s
The Tea Room on the top
– I’ll tell you all about that one on Monday.

Queen Victoria Building
455 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000


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