Gluten Free Birthday Cakes

Making a gluten free birthday cake is as easy as making its wheaty counterpart.

Gluten free cake packet mixes (Melinda’s pink packet mixes are fantastic) are available in most supermarkets, and icing sugar is clearly labelled gluten free. Here’s a gluten free birthday cake I made for a gymnastics party:


So it’s not the Women’s Weekly train cake…  but not one smidge of this icecream cake was left. The kids loved it, they were licking their plates. Inspired by Nigella’s ice cream cake recipe,  I used a 1.5 litre tub of vanilla ice cream (note that wheat in ‘glucose syrup’ has no detectable gluten so is ok for coeliacs), let it soften, mixed in a smashed packet of gluten free chocolate biscuits, a crunchie bar and some caramalised cashews and re-froze in a pudding tin. The sauce is a melted toblerone mixed with a splash of cream, tumbled on just before serving.

For my own birthday this year I ordered from the sublime French Cakes Sydney.

It was a big gathering so I ordered two! Below is the Hawaiien – coconut macaroon with coconut and caramel mousse with a marble glaze.


The other was the Tarte Elysee – a chocolate mousse & profiterole cake. Hooray for gluten free profiteroles! They can even make a gluten free croquembouche.

French Cakes Sydney
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