Askew Grill, San Francisco – USA


There are two types of places where getting gluten free food is guaranteed to be easier than most. One is upmarket, a la carte restaurants, where foods are cooked from scratch and chefs are generally more educated about food – also likely to be more pricey. The second type is the whole food, veggie, alfalfa, raw, organic, grass-fed, free range, colour-specific, gluten free, north-facing, holistic venue – you know the ones – I love them, but what if you don’t? Where do you go if you want something hearty and recognisable, you like big portions, traditional food and don’t want to cane your wallet everytime you eat out.

Luckily for those in San Fran, there’s the Askew Grill.

They have a pretty extensive gluten free menu, and it’s true, much of it is skewered;

above is the herb salmon. Some of the skewers come with mashed potato, others with rice. This is not a place you’re likely to leave hungry. May I present grilled marscapone polenta;

and the old favourite, hummus with corn chips;

Vegan, vegetarian and kids menus are also hot to trot. Expect a laid-back, casual vibe and enjoy feeling like an almost-normal person. Hooray!

We went to this one:

Askew Grill
1607 Haight Street
San Francisco, CA 94117
415 701 9301
but there are 4 locations + a catering service.



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