Breakaway Bakery – Los Angeles, USA

It’s not just the cutest logo that makes Breakaway Bakery memorable – what is it about bikes???

Janice, the owner, says they are a ‘different kind of bakery’, they are organic, wholegrain, gluten-free and free of casein, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, soy and gums. Don’t even mention trans fats or preservatives. Whoa – what does that leave??? Well they seem to be doing pretty well – there are lots of different breads, cakes and pastries on offer.

Breakaway also make savoury goods including ‘Challah’, a Jewish bread that has to have a particular amount of oats to be able to say a blessing over it – as if being all those things-free wasn’t tricky enough – this is baking gymnastics!

They only use organic brown rice flour, except in the oatmeal cookies and the challah rolls, which have gluten free oats… oats are still controversial for coeliacs in Australia and I wasn’t quite ready to go there yet – maybe that’s why we’ve added the extra ‘o’ in coeliac, to remind us.


Breakaway don’t use flour-blends, they only use organic brown rice flour – Janice (left) believes they use about 400% less starch than other gluten free baked goods. They also sell cookie and cake mixes in tubs if you need more for later.

Janice has been gluten free for nine years and has two daughters who are also gluten free – her littlest daughter who is not gluten free inspired the bakery, she wanted to bake things that her Mum could eat – so sweet! That was seven years ago now, so there’s a chunky base of recipe development.

All this happens in a pretty little art-deco building in mid-city – but don’t let proximity put you off, they also deliver (though perhaps not to Sydney…)

For people with food allergies in LA, Breakaway Bakery is gold.


Breakaway Bakery
5264 W. Pico Blvd.
LA, CA 90019



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