Mariposa Bakeshop – San Francisco, USA

OK gluten free peeps, if you find yourself in San Francisco, there is no way, I repeat, no way, you can consider not going to this place. I know that’s a bit intense, but trust me, it’s for your own good.

Mariposa is on the inside of the Ferry Building, their choc chip cookies were recommended to me by the wonderful michelle@spinningspoons.

About to fly out of the country with crapola United Airlines (no gf meals), I stocked up on a veritable hamper which kept me happy all flight long.

My picnic included a cream cheese bagel, a strawberry tart, some cookies and a coconut lemon square. The stand-out item was the strawberry tart – oh my god! Gluten free pastry?? It was, as they aim for at Mariposa, totally indistinguishable from top-notch gluten-full pastry. Perfect, robust consistency, the sweetest filling and just the right amount of icing squiggled on the top – and the pastry was not just a token effort, jammed into the base, it covered the entire piece. Check them out front and centre below;

The bagel was also great – held together fabulously without being dry or crumbly (on the poles, above right). The choc chip cookies (middle – back) were chewy – chewy! That’s soft and chewy, not can’t-get-teeth-through-it chewy. How often does that happen to any gluten free item? Perfect.

Not sure what these were above to be honest, but as with everything else, they’re perfectly presented.

There was also a stash of gluten free frozen goods – breads, pizza and the like.

Mariposa was started by a woman who couldn’t find the things she wanted to eat. I’m hoping it triggers a global franchise because they are onto a winner.

One Ferry Building
San Francisco, CA 94111


There is also a Mariposa bakery in Oakland – lucky sods.



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