The Cracked Egg – Las Vegas, Nevada USA

If you’re starting a desert road trip from Las Vegas in Nevada, you absolutely must have brunch at The Cracked Egg before you go. Not just because the distances are huge and you’re likely to be setting off for a good few hours, but also because, as with most countries (with the exception of the excellent US National Parks), the further you get from the city, the less gluten free knowledge there is. It’s pretty much blank looks, salad and steak from now on in.

The Cracked Egg has a ‘gluten sensitive’ menu, below are sausages (funny shaped! It’s an American thing), a poached egg and hash browns – I was so excited to be able to eat hash browns, even if they didn’t look anything like what I was expecting.

The service was fantastic, though they were probably a bit bewildered by how enthusiastic I was. They even had gluten free pancakes, how often does that happen!?!

The berries can be served on the side or in the mix.

There are four Cracked Eggs in Las Vegas to choose from, I don’t think any of them are handy for the touristy areas which is great for price, quality and mingling with the less-spangley locals. Not so great if you don’t have a car or much time.

We visited the Henderson branch which was in the right direction for the open road, parking was easy and there was a huge ‘Smiths’ supermarket next door to stock up on essentials for the trip like water and gluten free snacks for the starving.

There were many occasions after we left Las Vegas when I wished I was back at The Cracked Egg.
It’s a treasure.

oh – and get there early on weekends when many, many eggs are cracked.




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      Thanks for your comment – the Henderson Cracked Egg is at 1000 N Green Valley Pkwy #480, Henderson, NV 89074, United States – phone +1 702-868-5505.

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