Buckwheat Pancake Mix

If you tried to exist on pre-packaged gluten free food, your food bill would be stratospheric and your health compromised. There are a few particularly good ones though and this is one of them:

Orgran has been around forever and have an international distribution. These buckwheat pancakes are super dense and will keep your appetite at bay for hours. Expect to feel sated, not full. The mixture is very thick – I use almost double the liquid they suggest so they’re more crepe-like and can be rolled up.

Buckwheat pancakes can, of course, be made from scratch with buckwheat flour – if you’re really keen you can make buckwheat flour from buckwheat, I’m going to try that one weekend…

There’s been a lot of talk lately about how coeliacs are often deficient in magnesium – magnesium is linked with bone health, digestion & mental health – have a look at Glutenfree Works here if you need any encouragement to up your dose.

Buckwheat is a rich source, so are pumpkin seeds, almonds, spinach and chocolate (the good stuff with lots of cocoa, not mamby pamby milk chocolate).

Buckwheat pancakes are one of the easiest to make a meal of – eat them!



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