Gluten Free in Tasmania

With it’s isolated geography and remote locations, hunting for gluten free food in Tasmania can be daunting. There are some fabulous options and some scary non-options…

Hobart is the easiest place to get by, check out:

Ginger Brown Cafe in South Hobart which not only makes it’s own gluten free bread onsite but also has several gf cake options! Exciting times. Lovely retro, homespun vibe and also great for kids. Little peeps will love the oversized marshmallows anyone and toys – parents will love the relaxed service and highchairs. Located a couple of kilometres out of the city centre, Ginger Brown is near the Cascade Brewery.

Ginger Brown Cafe: 464 Macquarie Street, South Hobart

Another ‘neighborhood’ cafe, Citrus Moon in Kingston also bake their own gluten free bread, have many marked gf options on their menu and the cake options are plentiful – cozy and child friendly, it’s another easy place to wile away an afternoon.

Citrus Moon: 23 Beach Road, Kingston

The pretty city of Launceston was trickier although we didn’t have long there so I’m sure there are many more options – we did come across Salsa in the seaport area and as well as being delicious, the staff were well versed in the gf options (which were also marked) on their menu.

Salsa: 24 Seaport Boulevard, Launceston

Gluten free dining in Waratah??? It’s a cute little backwater and a close-enough option if Cradle Mountain accommodation is full. We had a memorable (for all the wrong reasons) stay at the Waratah Hotel – if quirky, rundown, surly-served places are your thing, this is the place for you! I had asked when I made the booking weeks before whether being gf would be an issue and was assured it would be fine. However, when asked in person what they had that was gluten free, the barman went into the kitchen and came back a deadpan ‘Nothing’…. I suggested perhaps that the steak and some salad would be and they were happy to oblige – I ate the steak and then saw that the salad on the side included a hefty serve of pasta salad!!!! Quelle horreur!!

We did see platypus in the wild at Waratah though so it was all worth it..

Next door, the Scenic View Cafe was quaint and friendly (though not open for dinner!), they had gluten free bread and sausages and incidentally, also offer a rental cottage which sounded much more appealing than our room in the hotel (with no windows!).

Scenic View Cafe: 22 Main Street, Waratah (03) 6439 1147

Here is a cute Waratah residence;

As with a lot of remote options – getting somewhere self-catering and buying your own groceries is the safest bet – being able to eat out is a bonus.

Gluten free options on the West Coast Wilderness Railway and the Gordon River Cruise in Strahan were great as the tours were great but long and starvation never fun..


Time of Visit: January 2012


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