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How do you stop a coeliac mid-mouthful?? Tell them they’ve been given the wrong dish! A common human error in the waitering game and when it happened at Yong Green Food in Fitzroy, we unwittingly struck it lucky. We had ordered nachos and were delivered this:

Melbourne is a funky city famous for its innovative ways with food. We assumed this was nouveau nachos, and it was so tasty! What we had actually been served was ‘raw nachos’ – chia seed chips with cashew cream, guacamole and sunfried seeds. It was such an intriguing meal we were sad when it was taken away but too shocked to do anything but check that it was gluten free – it was, phew!

The ‘unraw’ nachos was a bit of a let down after the drama of the raw version. It was still great – nachos are such a palatable comfort food, with tangy cheese, crunchy + soggy chips and beany goodness – but it was a bit pedestrian after seeing the other side.

These quinoa fritters with coconut chilli sauce were crisp and wholesome. Yong’s is a vegetarian restaurant, there are many ‘gf’s on the menu and many more ‘v’s (vegan). All of the dishes pictured were vegan and gluten free.

Fitzroy’s iconic ‘Veggie Bar’ is on the other side of Brunswick Street. The Veggie Bar is a magnetic institution with such reliably fabulous fare it’s hard to justify going anywhere else in the area. But with a menu sporting mango lassi (mango, cashew milk, agave, lemon juice), ‘Rawsagna’ and ‘Dragon Bowl’ soup, Yong Green Food is definitely a contender. And if you’re going to play Russian roulette with your gluten free meals – the odds here are pretty good.

Yong Green Food
Vegetarian and Raw Foods
421 Brunswick Street
03 9417 3338




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  1. Hi Glutenfreewheeler,
    Are you sure you didn’t order the wrong meal?
    As I recall from their menu the Raw Nachos are listed as Nachos and the Cooked version is listed as Chilli Bean Nachos.
    So, if you asked for Nachos then the mistake was yours and not theirs as you implied in your review.

    1. Hi there,
      I’d be happy to take the fall for this one, but there’s always a lot pointing at the menu and questions when ordering a gluten free meal. Also – we didn’t pick up the mistake – we thought it was what we’d ordered and were happily munching away when the waitress came and took it. Great place, will definitely be back and ordering those raw nachos!

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