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Newly diagnosed coeliacs inducted at Coeliac Australia learn to confidently read labels to check for gluten. It’s a useful skill. As is recognising that ‘just because it’s gluten free doesn’t mean you have to eat it’.

Blithely seeking coffee and a newspaper, I slaked myself into a cake coma yesterday unable to resist the one gluten free option in a cafe. Not only did I order and eat it (classic orange and almond cake, nicely warmed, pretty good I have to say), but I made a point of discussing it with the staff and congratulating them on their clean-tonged serving technique.

Confessing on twitter later, it seems I’m not the only one who feels obliged to partake in any gluten free offerings regardless of appetite or lack thereof..

@itsgottobeglutenfree agree 100% trying to explain to self that I personally don’t need to bankroll the gf market! My poor waistline!

@DavidJ_GF sure we’re all guilty. If Im out & about, see something gf… like never know were next meal will come from!

So true! If you have issues with this then I suggest you beware of Sacs in Melbourne – EVERYTHING in this place is gluten free.

Hiding out in trendy Northcote in Melbourne, this place is a one-stop shop. For immediate gratification, it’s a cafe & bakery, with deli-style take-away options including pastries and cake. It also stocks gluten free groceries (packet mixes, biscuits, breakfast cereal) and has a freezer section with gluten free goods. I have never seen anything like it. There’s one catch. Or maybe two..

Many of the reviews of Sacs say that the service is terrible and the prices are high. It does seem to be an uptight establishment. When I asked if I could blog about Sacs, the owner was very reticent – I felt like I was selling broken vacuum cleaners – and then she called out to ask if I had finished yet when I’d taken a few shots.

It’s such a shame – gluten free people usually feel ‘difficult’ whenever they eat out – surely we should be able to relax at one that is purely gluten free?

Surly service aside, no where else have I seen such an extensive range (and the food I had was great).

Sacs are very fastidious about their gluten free status – my cousins’ daughter was told off for eating some other-worldly food (nuts) in the cafe because of the risk of possible contamination.

Seriously gluten free.

Coeliac Australia members get a 10% discount (though I was asked if I was going to be eating the food as if it wasn’t me I couldn’t have the discount – crikey!)

105 High Street
VIC 3070



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