Breakfast in the Bush

Lucky me, a day and a night in the Victorian bush to visit a dear friend who I’ve known for two decades. Amidst the outpouring of our life musings and philosophies (tracking what we love, what we have learnt, what has changed and what hasn’t), she assembled the most extraordinary food. My gorgeous friend, who is also gluten free, is living in an old post masters cottage and many of the ingredients she cooked with were freshly plucked from the garden.

These quinces were captured from their native habitat just minutes before the above shot was taken.

They were poached with cinnamon sticks on a quirky old stove and laid on quinoa porridge.

Lucious figs from pre-historic looking grand dames of trees were placed alongside chunks of Margaret River yoghurt, swirls of melting wildflower honey and a sprig of star anise.

This breakfast set the scene for an Autumn morning of superb conversation and spectacular scenery. We were graced with swarms of butterflies, an insistent sun and days later, I still have scratches on my legs from attempting to photograph a wild emu.

True happiness. 


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